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Unique bathroom vanities are not tough to find, especially if you are searching online. The cabinet under the vanity provides the perfect storage solution while your bathroom remains neat and organized. There are so many items in the bathroom that it can look cluttered after a while. You can experiment quite a bit with colors and styles in this area. Cabinets Unique bathroom vanities are incomplete without cabinets, which are generally made of wood lights due to their sturdiness and durability.

For instance the Wyndham Collection 72" Andover Double Sink Bathroom Vanity is a fantastic choice for a classic and elegant bath space. Costing approximately 2,100 this model is a perfect update of traditional styling. The vanity is very durable and sturdy made of solid oak hardwood. Traditional Look With A Bath Vanity If you have a traditional bathroom interior, you will need a respective style bathroom vanity with 72 inch size. Particularly this feature provides the longevity of service. Bring A Modern Touch To Your Bathroom Another amazing 72 bathroom vanity is the Amare 72" Bath Vanity Espresso with white stone top and white colored Pyra porcelain sink. With its vintage bathroom vanity lights delicate white finish and strong lines the vanity by the Wyndham Collection is sure to transfer your bathroom into a picturesque space.

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